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PhotonFi’s LiFi is leading the paradigm shift where photonic connections will be integral to data networks bringing secure, blazing speeds 

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES , January 8, 2024 / — PhotonFi announced today at CES® 2024 the launch of a docking station to be available in Q3 in addition to their already shipping suite of products in the LiFi (Light Fidelity) wireless category. PhotonFi Incorporated provides LiFi solutions which are revolutionary IT networking technologies that amplify connectivity using invisible light. The benefits include: higher speeds (up to 10x), lower delay (30x lower), and total immunity to interference, hacking, and detection. The docking station announced today will provide every entity with powerful LiFi capabilities in a simple and effective way. Visit the PhotonFi team at Eureka Park in person at Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 1, Hall G, Booth #61444 or learn more about the PhotonFi Products here at 

“Networks are being flooded with devices and data, putting a strain on existing WiFi and 5G infrastructures. PhotonFi’s LiFi future-proofs networks by amplifying security and stability,” said Mike Fasulo, Co-Founder and President of PhotonFi Incorporated. “Rather than compete with congested radio frequencies, PhotonFi is shifting wireless connectivity to the near limitless frequencies of invisible light.” 

“PhotonFi is using the vast and untapped light spectrum to transmit data reliably, securely and at unprecedented speeds in an eco-friendly way” 

— Mike Fasulo, Co-Founder and President of PhotonFi 

PhotonFi’s Technology: 
PhotonFi’s LiFi technology has imperceptible latency levels of ~ 0.5 milliseconds, combining the freedom of wireless connectivity with high data transfer speeds making it a natural solution for environments where network reliability and security are needed.PhotonFi’s LiFi solutions enable the ultimate wireless connectivity experience in enterprise, esports, education and beyond. 

LiFi technology is currently serving customers with the highest level of standards in the military and aerospace industries.With a seamless deployment process, limitless expandability, and cost savings on maintenance, PhotonFi solutions improve how organizations manage their network. 

PhotonFi’s Leadership: 
The three Co-Founders of PhotonFi are proven executives each with more than 30 plus years of experience: Francois Modarresse, former global executive at Dolby, Mike Fasulo, former global executive at Sony and Didier Zwierski, former global executive at Philips.   

More about PhotonFi’s System and Value Proposition:   
The PhotonFi System is paving the path to better connectivity with their suite of hardware from embedded chipset (LiFiMAX chipset) to full System which includes the access point, photonic antenna, client dongles, tablet, network controller and todays announced docking station. 

Extremely High Data Capacity – Untapped Potential: 
With current maximum speeds already over 5 Gbps and the potential to go beyond 200 Gbps, LiFi exploits a virtually unlimited spectrum when compared to RF. LiFi is positioned to support the massive growth in connected devices. In 2023, there were more than 30 Billion connected devices with projections of more than a 15% increase in 2024 according to Statista. 

Density & Reliability –Robust Wireless Connectivity: 
PhotonFi’s LiFi provides reliable wireless connectivity even in areas with hundreds of users, solving problems like lag, downtime and interference experienced when scaling WiFi. This enables next-gen immersive experiences across entire buildings.   

Security – Undetectable, Un-hackable, Un-Jammable: 
LiFi networks offer built-in security properties through physics, encryption, and device pairing. This gives companies granular control over network access across spaces, devices, and individuals. The transported data is protected by physics, not by algorithms, meaning there is no way to hack them even with the best hackers and most sophisticated equipment. 

Easy Set Up – PhotonFi’s Solutions are Simple to Deploy: 
Just mount the Access Point and Photonic Antenna. Connect the Access Point to the network of your choosing. Place the Dongle in your device’s USB port and that’s it. You are securely and reliably connected. 

Value-added Partner – Serving Customer Needs: 
PhotonFi also offers point-to-point solutions for those that need to manage more data for mission-critical devices, and system design and management services to ensure companies can get the most out of connecting at the speed of light. Businesses can contact [email protected] or call 1-855-GETLIFI. 

About PhotonFi 
PhotonFi is an international startup with seasoned technology innovators committed to Connecting the World at the Speed of Light by offering the comprehensive PhotonFi System. The company is paving the way to better connectivity with their solution suite from chipset to full system. The PhotonFi System offers limitless expandability from desktop to stadium and everything in between. PhotonFi has the capability to support the customer’s journey from interest to design, delivery, installation, service, and support. 


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