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PhotonFi Partner

Position yourself now as a key player in LiFi!

Why partner?

Presented as a leading force in the realm of future connectivity, PhotonFi’s optical wireless communication solutions underscore key aspects such as security, performance, radio interference mitigation, and health considerations in diverse environments.

The LiFi market is projected to grow 50% year-over-year over the next five years, bringin a opportunities for growth and differentiation to our partners.

Become Part of the Driving Force

Becoming part of the PhotonFi Partner Program represents an investment in a swiftly evolving innovative technology that will significantly influence the trajectory of connectivity in sectors including Corporate Enterprise, Esports, Events, Government, Energy, Education, and many more. The potential market is broad, varied, and continually expanding.

Bring Effective Solutions to Your Clients

Our LiFi solutions empowers you to deliver an extensive and versatile service package to your customers, particularly through the integration of WiFi and LiFi installations as complimentary services. This strategy effectively addresses a wide range of connectivity and cybersecurity requirements while preserving user mobility.

Paving the way for digital responsibility

PhotonFi’s LiFi technology aligns with the responsible digital approach. Beyond its health benefits, LiFi plays a role in minimizing the carbon footprint by reducing the reliance on challenging-to-recycle copper cables and curbing power consumption. In the current context of energy efficiency and environmental respect, our products become even more relevant.

At PhotonFi, fostering dependable alliances lies at the core of our ethos. We firmly believe that sustainable growth is achieved through robust, enduring partnerships that mutually benefit all involved parties.

What does it involve?

PhotonFi’s approach centers on cultivating a network of partners. We actively seek partners who prioritize innovation in their strategies, exhibit dedication to environmental sustainability, maintain strong customer relationships, and have deep community ties. Partners who prioritize customer satisfaction are especially valued. It’s essential that our partners uphold and promote these values. A PhotonFi partner serves several fundamental roles:

Ideal Partner Criteria

In our pursuit of close customer relationships, we are actively searching for integrator partners who are locally rooted, attuned to their communities, and deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to uphold a standard of excellence and deliver impeccable service quality. Consequently, we prioritize partnerships with those who align with our values and prioritize innovation as a daily imperative.

PhotonFi's commitments to its partners

Become a partner

    Together, we improve connectivity.

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