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Connect at the speed of light

Increased Security · Lower Latency · More Reliable · Less Risk


The ultimate wireless connectivity experience for Enterprise, Esports, Education and Beyond

PhotonFi is transforming the landscape of wireless communication standards through the utilization of LiFi technology. Our innovative approach involves harnessing the potential of invisible light to transmit and receive information at remarkable speeds, delivering enhanced security and mobility.

Our Solutions Provide

Absolute security
A reduced energy footprint
Unparalleled speed
Wireless mobility without the interference
Limitless expandibility

What is LiFi ?

LiFi, short for Light Fidelity, is a wireless communication technology that utilizes infrared light for data transmission. Unlike traditional wireless technologies such as WiFi and broadband, which rely on radio frequency signals, LiFi employs the modulation of invisible light at high speeds to transmit data. The technology enables fast and secure wireless communication with the added benefit of reducing the risk of electromagnetic interference.

Universal connectivity at its best

Due to its broadcasting mode, LiFi ensures consistent coverage throughout the coverage area. In an open space scenario, multiple WiFi terminals would typically be required for everyone to enjoy the same level of connection quality. With LiFi, a straightforward installation of just 2 Access Points on the ceiling, complemented by photonic antennas to expand the network, provides each individual with secure, stable and robust connectivity simultaneously, without any latency.

Cybersecurity is more than just algorithms

LiFi technology strengthens business cybersecurity by using light waves for data transmission, preventing signal leakage beyond designated spaces and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. The confined nature of LiFi signals enhances data security, making it challenging for cyber attackers to breach the network. Additionally, LiFi's resistance to radio frequency interference and secure, point-to-point communication contribute to a more robust defense against cyber threats, providing businesses with a secure digital environment for their operations.

Free of electromagnetic waves

The widespread presence of WiFi in our daily lives is prompting growing concerns. The potential impact of continual exposure to electromagnetic waves on the brain and the development of diseases, though not yet fully understood, is worrisome. There is a recognized need for a connectivity solution that avoids radio frequency pollution. LiFi connectivity, being free from radio waves, addresses this concern directly and offers a tangible solution to a pivotal issue in the future of wireless connectivity.

Get the benefits of LiFi

  • Rapid and stable connectivity with speeds up to 5 Gbps.
  • Enhanced security through data partitioning within the broadcast area.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Consistent, latency-free coverage for multiple simultaneous users.
  • Space-efficient technology using a light beam instead of cables.
  • Non-harmful data transmission without radio waves.
  • Cost-effective, low-maintenance solution seamlessly integrated into existing LED lighting infrastructure, avoiding significant changes or additional investments.

PhotonFi Supports

Board Rooms & Offices

PhotonFi reduces the risk of data leaks, increases usable internet speeds on devices, and ensures only approved devices can access sensitive information.

Esports & Gaming

PhotonFi reduces latency while increasing flexibility at the arena, in the training facility, and at home. Our LiFi system prevents the need to run cables to the PCs and brings ultra-low latency with guaranteed speeds to your battle stations and home setups.

RF-Free Environments

Our LiFi technologies use infrared light to carry data from network to device, giving a wireless network connection at blazing speeds without the risky radio frequencies that can disrupt or damage sensitive devices.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Our LiFi system gives industrial, manufacturing, and distribution companies the ability to connect their devices safely and securely. Whether complimenting the LAN network or replacing it, LiFi brings your company a level of reliability and flexibility that reduces costs of maintenance without downtime.

Finance Sector

PhotonFi brings ultra-low latency to a mobile work environment, allowing finance firms and trading floors to send and receive data in an instant without wires or interruption.

Schools & Universities

Our technology gives teachers, administrators, and students access to fast and reliable network connectivity, bringing peace of mind and allowing schools and universities to educate students using the latest technologies even in the oldest of buildings.

Meet the Founders

CEO & Co-Founder

Francois Modarresse

Serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in leading technology startups in strategic growth, scaling business units and acquiring companies for tech giants like Phillips and Dolby and now launching PhotonFi.
(Click for full bio)

Francois is an innovator and serial entrepreneur with a successful track record for scaling business units and acquiring companies for tech giants like Phillips and Dolby while also leading technology startups in strategic growth before launching PhotonFi.
COO & Co-Founder

Mike Fasulo

Finance & operations expert proven to create positive impact through growing Sony’s Electronics NA division, leading the Consumer Technology Association, and being inducted into CTA’s CT Hall of Fame before launching PhotonFi. (Click for full bio)

Mike Fasulo, a visionary technology leader with over 40 years of experience, is Co-Founder and COO of PhotonFi Inc., driving innovation in connectivity through LiFi technology. Formerly the President & COO of Sony electronics, Fasulo's distinguished career includes significant contributions to Sony's strategic direction. Recognizing the potential of LiFi, he leads PhotonFi with visionary prowess, positioning it as a global trailblazer in wireless connectivity. Fasulo's entrepreneurial journey showcases his commitment to technological excellence and innovation. A respected thought leader and speaker, he continues to shape the future of connectivity, leaving a lasting impact on the technology landscape. With Fasulo at the helm, PhotonFi is set for an exciting journey, redefining connectivity through LiFi technology.
As the Founder and COO of PhotonFi Inc., Mike is pioneering the future of communication through LiFi technology. He embarked on this entrepreneurial journey after a distinguished tenure at Sony, where he served as President & COO of Sony electronics and contributed significantly to the company's strategic direction and technological advancements.

Fasulo's passion for technology and unyielding commitment to pushing the envelope led him to recognize the immense potential of LiFi technology. Under his visionary leadership, PhotonFi is poised to become a global trailblazer in the wireless connectivity space, pioneering groundbreaking solutions that redefine the way the world connects.

Throughout his career, Fasulo has consistently championed innovation. He possesses a unique ability to foresee industry trends and drive disruptive technologies from concept to reality. His vision, coupled with his unwavering dedication, has garnered him recognition as a forward-thinking luminary in the tech world.

Mike Fasulo's journey from a high-ranking executive at Sony to the helm of PhotonFi exemplifies his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take calculated risks in the pursuit of technological excellence. He continues to be a leading force behind PhotonFi's mission to make LiFi technology an integral part of our connected future.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mike Fasulo is a respected thought leader, sought-after speaker, and a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. After leading the CTA as Executive Board Member of the Consumer Technology Association and being inducted into the CT Hall of Fame, Mike remains dedicated to shaping the future of connectivity, leaving an indelible mark on the technology landscape for generations to come.

With Fasulo at the helm, PhotonFi is poised for an exciting journey towards redefining connectivity and unlocking a world of possibilities through LiFi technology.

CPO & Co-Founder

Didier Zwierski

One of the most innovative product developers of our time, creating cutting edge technologies and leading business divisions for Technicolor, Phillips, and Swisscom before building his own business and eventually launching PhotonFi. (Click for full Bio)

One of the most innovative product developers of our time, creating cutting edge technologies and leading business divisions for Technicolor, Phillips, and Swisscom before building his own business and eventually launching PhotonFi. (Click for full Bio)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiFi?

LiFi stands for Light Fidelity. LiFi is the latest innovation that elevates existing technologies. Step into a new era of connectivity, leaving behind the limitations of traditional methods. Embrace seamless communication – Experience LiFi today!

How does LiFi work?

LiFi is a mobile, two-way, high-speed communication technology using light. It consists of several LEDs forming a wireless network. When an electric current is transmitted to these LEDs, a stream of light (photons) is emitted by this device. The LEDs are semiconductors, which means that they can be modulated at high rates. The signal is then received by a sensor that interprets the modulations of the light (the signal) as data. The modulation cannot be seen by the human eye, so the communication is as invisible as other radio systems. This allows users to be connected wherever a LiFi infrastructure is deployed.

Can we see the LiFi signal?

The LEDs used to transmit LiFi signals are modulated at such a fast rate that the eye cannot perceive any “flicker”. This is similar to the way our eyes do not perceive the transition between frames in a movie. For comparison purposes, the lowest frequency at which LiFi devices are modulated is 1 MHz, which is 10,000 times higher than the refresh rate of our computer monitors.

How does LiFi Work in a room exposed to sunlight?

LiFi can work in daylight and even in direct sunlight conditions. The LiFi signal can always be detected. It relies on detecting the modulation of the LEDs, not the natural variations and disturbances of the sun. Our technology is modulated at very high frequencies, and sunlight is a constant light, so it can be filtered by the receiver.

Can masking the receiver affect the LiFi signal?

Yes, masking the receiver could affect its ability to pick up signals. Completely masking the receiver will prevent it from picking up any signals (e.g., a sheet of paper over the receiver). This feature allows users to cut the data connection for an additional security layer.

Does LiFi work in my pocket?

No, LiFi won’t work in your pocket. Placing an entire mobile device, or just the photodiode, in your pocket will prevent any communication. LiFi is a complementary technology to other wireless technologies such as WiFi. If the LiFi signal is below the detection threshold of the receiver, no data will be received. In this case, radio systems or cellular networks, if available, will continue to provide data. However, once the LiFi device starts receiving a signal, its high-speed communication will resume.

Is LiFi more secure than other wireless technologies?

Yes, LiFi is much more secure than other wireless technologies because it’s possible to define its transmission area, unlike WiFi. By its nature, to access the LiFi network, the user needs to be in the equipped area and to have a dedicated receiver. In addition, our LiFi Controller allows its network to be managed and security to be increased via the encryption and the authentication of its information system.

Is LiFi a two-way technology?

Yes, LiFi is a two-way wireless communication technology that enables high-speed data transmission in both uplink and downlink.

Why are LEDs used in LiFi systems?

The threshold of flicker that can be perceived by the human eye is 60 Hz. When light is modulated at frequencies higher than 60 Hz, it is impossible for us to perceive. LiFi systems use LEDs as a transmission medium because they are a semiconductor, which gives them the ability to modulate light at extremely high speeds. These speeds are unattainable with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. In addition, LEDs are generally considered to be a more efficient light source because they emit in specific wavelengths, so they don’t waste energy.

Will LiFi replace WiFi?

LiFi is not intended to replace WiFi, but should be considered as an alternative in certain areas where the use of WiFi (or radio frequency waves) is prohibited, undesirable or inefficient. Our technology can also be used to improve connections in areas where high-speed connectivity is needed.

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