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Meet the Founders

Serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in leading technology startups in strategic growth, scaling business units and acquiring companies for tech giants like Phillips and Dolby and now launching PhotonFi. 

A visionary technology leader with more than 40 years of experience creating a positive impact and growing Sony’s Electronics NA division, leading the Consumer Technology Association, and being inducted into CTA’s CT Hall of Fame before launching PhotonFi.

One of the most innovative product developers of our time, creating cutting edge technologies and leading business divisions for Technicolor, Phillips, and Swisscom before building his own business and eventually launching PhotonFi.

What is LiFi ?

LiFi, short for Light Fidelity, is a wireless communication technology that utilizes infrared light for data transmission. Unlike traditional wireless technologies such as WiFi and broadband, which rely on radio frequency signals, LiFi employs the modulation of invisible light at high speeds to transmit data. The technology enables fast and secure wireless communication with the added benefit of reducing the risk of electromagnetic interference.

Universal connectivity at its best

Due to its broadcasting mode, LiFi ensures consistent coverage throughout the coverage area. In an open space scenario, multiple WiFi terminals would typically be required for everyone to enjoy the same level of connection quality. With LiFi, a straightforward installation of just 2 Access Points on the ceiling, complemented by photonic antennas to expand the network, provides each individual with secure, stable and robust connectivity simultaneously, without any latency.

Cybersecurity is more than just algorithms

LiFi technology strengthens business cybersecurity by using light waves for data transmission, preventing signal leakage beyond designated spaces and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. The confined nature of LiFi signals enhances data security, making it challenging for cyber attackers to breach the network. Additionally, LiFi's resistance to radio frequency interference and secure, point-to-point communication contribute to a more robust defense against cyber threats, providing businesses with a secure digital environment for their operations.

Free of electromagnetic waves

The widespread presence of WiFi in our daily lives is prompting growing concerns. The potential impact of continual exposure to electromagnetic waves on the brain and the development of diseases, though not yet fully understood, is worrisome. There is a recognized need for a connectivity solution that avoids radio frequency pollution. LiFi connectivity, being free from radio waves, addresses this concern directly and offers a tangible solution to a pivotal issue in the future of wireless connectivity.

Get the benefits of LiFi

  • Rapid and stable connectivity with speeds up to 5 Gbps.
  • Enhanced security through data partitioning within the broadcast area.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Consistent, latency-free coverage for multiple simultaneous users.
  • Space-efficient technology using a light beam instead of cables.
  • Non-harmful data transmission without radio waves.
  • Cost-effective, low-maintenance solution seamlessly integrated into existing LED lighting infrastructure, avoiding significant changes or additional investments.

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